Frequently Asked Questions

Why only positive force free?

  • The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) recommends that only reward-based training methods are used for all dog training, including the treatment of behavior problems. This is based on current scientific evidence.
  • I will never use force or intimidation to train your puppy. Your puppy is safe with me.

Why is prevention so important?

  • Prevention training is a proactive approach to supporting your puppy
  • With proactive puppy training and socialization, you can prevent behavior problems from developing (including resource guarding, jumping, play biting, counter surfing, fear, and aggression)

Socialization, what it is and why it’s important?

  • When puppies arrive in your home, they go through a critical socialization period in their life, followed by a critical fear period.
  • The experience your puppy has in these critical periods can set the foundation for their behavior in the future.
  • It’s important to make sure all of your puppies experiences during this time are positive.

Why is supervised and structured playtime so important?

  • It's important for playtime to be structured and supervised.
  • Bad experience with other dogs during the critical socialization period could impact the feelings your puppy has for other dogs in the future.
  • Letting puppies “work it out” could potentially set your puppy up for a lifetime of fear and reactivity towards other dogs.
  • During playtime I will intervene anytime a puppy is showing stress signals or bullying other puppies.
  • Puppies will be given breaks as needed before resuming play.
  • Puppies will be separated for play if needed.

Why is The Family Dog Program more expensive by hour than the rest of your training?

  • The Family Dog Program comes with an online learning interactive program that you will have access to forever! So on top of your in person lessons you also get a fun program with videos you can always go back to if you need a refresher.


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