Growing Families

In home training customized to your needs.

Raising children is beautiful and fulfilling, but also come with its challenges, especially with a dog in the mix.

As a Licensed Family Paws Parent Educator, we are trained in the dynamics between dogs and children. Our goal is to help prepare your dog for the arrival of your baby and support you and your dog as your child grows and progresses through their milestones. We aim to build the relationship between your dog and child as they grow.

Every family’s needs and challenges are unique. That is why I offer several options for you to choose what level of support you would like to receive.

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Growing Families Support Program

Experience has shown that ongoing support through developmental stages is incredibly helpful for families and their dogs. Babies grow and change so much in their first years and it is important to update and adapt recommendations through these changes.

This is why I offer Support for Success options where you choose the length of time to receive support. This model has provided many families with peace of mind as they move through this constantly changing time in their baby’s development. I aim to support you in a variety of ways as your family grows and changes by providing customized materials and techniques for your unique situation.

Compared to individual consultations (1.5 hours for $250 each), Support for Success packages help to increase safety and decrease stress while providing additional services and value.

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Here’s what you can expect:

  • One-on-one support via unlimited use of Marco Polo videos for questions, demos, and support as often as you wish/need.
  • Unlimited Zoom meeting support as needed
  • Email/ text support as needed.
  • Timely handouts to guide progress and activities.
  • Tips and ongoing learning via the Family Paws social media platforms: @familypawsofficial on Instagram and Family Paws Parent Education on Facebook

Support for Success Packages:

1 Month:


3 Months:


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6 Months:


All prices do not include gst*

*Payment is required upfront. I do limit the number of monthly clients so that I can be available as much as needed. This payment is non-refundable.

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Individual Consultation

This option is best for the family that wants short-term support and includes:

  • A pre-consultation review of your intake form and history.
  • The Dogs & Storks or Dogs & Toddlers webinar plus relevant handouts.
  • 1 - 1.5 hour consultation via Zoom where we will assess your current concerns and issues.
  • Safety recommendations you can immediately implement as well as tips and information relevant to your current situation.
  • Two 30-minute Zoom follow-up sessions.
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Price: $250

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*Launched in 2002, Family Paws® is a company with a variety of services and programs for young families with dogs. ( Licensed practitioners are dedicated to increasing safety and reducing stress for pet parents who are expecting a baby as well as families with dogs and toddlers.®

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