Old Dogs New Tricks – 6 years and up

Whether learning new skills or refreshing old ones this class is aimed towards ageing dogs in their senior years. This course will go at your dog’s pace while learning what you can do to keep them mentally and physically happy as they age into their golden years.

  • One class offered
    • September 9th at 7:15pm

Price: $245


These classes follow the Wise Canine Dog Training Curriculum:

• 6 x 1-hour classes • Small class of 4 puppies maximum. • Basic Behaviors include: Focus, targeting, recalls, leave it, loose leash walking and settle. • Food rewards will be used to reinforce desirable behaviours.

You will learn:

• How dogs learn (observing and understanding your dog). • Clicker mechanics and marking behaviours. • About positive reinforcement training. • Body language and what it means. • Enrichment and why its so important in senior years.

Your dog will learn:

• Building relationships based on trust though positive reinforcement and enrichment. • Self Control (Impulse control). • Lots of new skills or improvement on old ones.

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