Pup Manners – 8 weeks to 16 weeks

This class is a basic manners class geared towards puppies. This class will teach you the fundamentals of training, socialization, and relationship building. Everything you need to set your puppy up for a well-behaved adulthood.






These classes follow the Wise Canine Dog Training Curriculum:

• 5 x 1-hour classes • Small class of 6 puppies maximum. • Basic Behaviors include: Focus, targeting, recalls, leave it, loose leash walking and settle. • Food rewards will be used to reinforce desirable behaviours.

You will learn:

• How dogs learn (observing and understanding your dog). • Clicker mechanics and marking behaviours. • About positive reinforcement training. • What socialization is and how to properly socialize you puppy. • What enrichment is and why its important.

Your puppy will learn:

• Building relationships based on trust though positive reinforcement. • Self Control (Impulse control). • Lots of new skills!