Family Manners – 6 months and up

Family Manners is a class for families with kids wanting to get involved in training. Focusing on relationship building, dog safety, and training through fun and games. Children must be 6 years or older. One adult per child please.

  • One class offered
    • September 11th at 6pm

Price $245

These classes follow the Wise Canine Dog Training Curriculum:

• 6 x 1-hour classes • Small class of 4 dogs maximum. • Basic Behaviors include: Focus, targeting, recalls, leave it, loose leash walking and settle. • Food rewards will be used to reinforce desirable behaviours.

You and your child will learn:

• How dogs learn (observing and understanding your dog). • Clicker mechanics and marking behaviours. • About positive reinforcement training. • Relationship building and enrichment. • Body language and what it means. • Dog safety including appropriate play, when to stay and when to walk away as well as what to do when a dog gets too excited.

Your dog will learn:

• Building relationships based on trust though positive reinforcement. • Self Control (Impulse control). • Lots of new skills!

BOOK NOW - September 11th @ 6:00pm