Puppy Day School

Puppy Day School

 A well-run socialization program may be the single most important thing for a puppy's behavioral development. 

**puppies must be 16 weeks or younger at the start of the program**

Jan 11 - 30

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 AM -12 PM

Sunday Skill Transfer Group Classes from 12 PM - 1 PM


Benefits of Puppy Day School:

  • One on one training with a Certified, Science-Based, Positive Reinforcement Trainer
  • Prevention of future behavior problems including fear, aggression and guarding behaviors
  • Safe exposure to people, puppies, objects, sounds, and surfaces
  • Structured, supervised play time and rest time

Puppies Will Learn:

  • Communication and play skills with other puppies
  • Confidence with handling and restraint
  • Confidence with people, sounds, movement, objects, and surfaces
  • Basic training skills including potty training, focus, drop-it, sit, down, hand-targeting and more

Day School Format:

  • Half-day care twice a week for 3 weeks on Tuesdays and Thursday
  • Once per week Skill Transfer Group Class on Sundays
  • Homework videos and handouts
  • Daily photo updates
  • Email support if you have any questions along the way